Pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (“Official Gazette” No. 62/2014) and the Law on Trade (“Official Gazette” No. 53/10, 10/2013), General Director of the company “Toza Markovic” doo Kikinda, yields:

R U L E    B O O K

CONSUMER and procedure for solving COMPLAINTS

This Ordinance shall regulate the manner and procedure for resolving complaints of consumers on the disadvantages of the sold products.

  1. Company “Toza Markovic” takes into account only the requirements for reclamation of tiles and special pieces is declared and supplied by the company, as a product of class I and which is within the warranty period of 30 years at the time of applying for the complaint, and according to this :

– geometric characteristics: the dimensions of tiles, covering dimensions, distortion, warp

– permeability

– freezingtest (peeling)

–  limestone

Complaints concerning the color of tiles produced in the process of baking or facts atmospheric conditions, changes in the tile under the influence of atmospheric influences and which do not impair the functional properties of tiles, as well as complaints of tiles that at the time of application expired warranty period, will not be taken into consideration. Complaints to the transmission breakage of tiles will not be taken into account. Complaints to the transmission breakage are taken into consideration only if the fracture had occurred as a result of manufacturing defects (hidden fracture), complaints can be taken into consideration if:

  • the requirements for a complaint filed within 30 days of receipt to the customer’s warehouse
  • there are photos with time and date of shooting. They have to make photos at the time of opening the regulary packaged pallet as follows: the photograph as what is clear palette that opens and photos contentious pieces at the time of extracting. Photos should be submitted with other documents (completed form which is an integral part of these Regulations) required for submission of a request for reclamation.
  1. Request for complaint tiles within the warranty period, a person, or the final customer,or warehouse coordinator sendig the official claim to the responsible person from company “Toza Markovic”. The buyer or the warehouse indicates a formal request for complaint tiles and submit the following documents:

– requirements for reclamation (form which is an integral part of these Regulations)

– an account of the end customer (a copy of the invoice, paragon block)

– invoice, the invoice from Toze Markovic

– declaration controversial range

– if it is a “hidden scrap fracture”,  submit photos

Complaints that arrive with incomplete documentation, shall not be taken into consideration.

  1. Where a person, or the ultimate buyer bought tiles of stocks that no longer exists, the requirements for a complaint can be sent directly to the company “Toza Markovic”.

Such complaints will be dealt with as follows: The customer with the written application of complaint, must provide an account of the document or other proof of purchase, depending on whether it is a whole sale, retail organization or individual customer in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. The request for registration of complaints should contain the following information:

  1. saler complete name
  2. sales company and adress
  3. name,last name,adress and tel contact from the customer
  4. part name and declaration
  5. date from buying
  6. complaint explanation
  7. date of the date of claiming

After the departure requires complaints, complaints are recorded under the corresponding document number.
The company “Toza Markovic”, or seller must without delay, and no later than 8 days from receipt of the request respond to the customer in writing or electronically. If the seller (“Toza Markovic”) for objective reasons, is unable to grant the request of the buyer within the time agreed upon, he shall prolong the deadline for resolving complaints inform the buyer and indicate the deadline within which will be resolved, as well as to gain his approval , which is required to be recorded in the records of received complaints.

If the request does not possess all the necessary documentation (if the expired warranty period for this type of product), complaints are recorded, archived, or not taken into consideration. The seller of the reasons why the complaint was not taken into consideration shall notify the customer in writing or electronically.

  1. If the complaint relates to the quality of the tiles, the justification of the complaint being considered by the Department for the quality and the Commission for the resolution of complaints. If there are reasonable grounds for complaint, Officer for complaints of “Toza Markovic”, will carry out an investigation. The buyer may reject the proposed way of resolving requests for complaint. In this case, the Commission in accordance with the law and other regulations that will try to find a way of solving the customer submitted request.

Amendments to the Regulations are made by the same procedure. Everything not specifically covered by these Rules, shall be applied the relevant provisions of the Law on Obligations and Consumer Protection Act ( “Official Gazette” no. 62/14).

This order begins from 2016.08.12.

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