Development strategy


Subject to full market approach and business policy, the company “Toza Markovic” lays great importance on the development. Starting in 1996 to work on strategic development, the company has entered into a cycle of investment, and this from its own funds, without borrowing in the new programs, new technologies and expand the product range. That year he began a new development strategy – dynamic investment cycle, which considerably increases the production competitiveness and export capability of the company; strengthens the position of leader in the Serbian construction material industry.

So far under the program are implemented several large investments approximate value of 25 million euros:

– 1996. – opened unit for production of decorative ceramic tiles using the “third-ignition”;

– 1997. – opened a new plant for the production of sintered ceramic floor tiles;

– 1998. – opened a new facility for primary processing of clay;

– 2000/2001. – launched two new automatic lines for the production of tiles;

– 2000/2001. – acquired manufacturing equipment and packaging composite ceramic tiles;

– 2002. – launched a new automatic production line monoporous large format wall tiles, worth 5 million euros, with a capacity of 1.5 million sqm per year;

– 2008. – opened a new plant for the production and automation of pantile and special pieces of tiles;

– 2008. – Launched lines for automatic packaging and siliconizing tiles;

– 2009/2010 – launched two new lines of automation stacking tiles on wagons and dryers;

– 2009/2010 – expanded production capacity in the context of fine ceramics to produce large format (25×50 i 30×60);

– 2010 – Licensed production of new wall and floor tiles in cooperation with Italian and Spanish technologists.

Investments are continuing, and future plans and strategic development have always been among the priorities of the company “Toza Marković”.

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