TOZA MARKOVIĆ” of the 1981 host and sponsor of the International symposium of sculpture “Terra”, a unique sculpture colony in the world. Top artists, almost 30 years old, have a chance to express their creativity in the space of the old brickyard and tile factory, originating from 1905. Facilities are located within the ancient circle Toze Markovića, and artists who have had the opportunity to create at this point will remain enchanted by his spirit, from which emanates a special energy.

The symposium is held every year from 1 to 31 July and it is participated by six to eight artists. The obligation of the artist’s colony to leave a monumental sculpture, as well as two sculptures gallery format. So far, at a symposium attended by over 130 sculptors from 25 countries around the world, making this event a special significance.

The fact that the artists the opportunity to work on a monumental level is one of the key, which constitute Symposium so special, and it would not be possible without the support of “Toza Marković”, which has turned part of its former production space right art colony and the artists gave the highest gift – unimpeded freedom of creation.

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