Organisational structure

“TOZA MARKOVIĆ” doo. Kikinda is the largest exporter of building materials of baked clay. The entire industrial complex “Toza Markovic” covers an area of 214 ha. From the famous Kikindske clay formed a clean, natural materials, which contribute significantly to healthy living, bio-climate and the warmth of the family home.

“TOZA MARKOVIĆ” A.D., organizational structure has the following composition:

  1. Section 1 (Clay Field) – exploitation, processing and production of clay;
  2. Section 2 (Fine Ceramics) – production of rough ceramics (roofing tiles and covering- pads);
  3. Section 3 (Fine Ceramics) – production of fine ceramics (ceramic wall and floor tiles, composites, decorated tiles, borders and the procedure leaves the third-ignition, frits);
  4. Section 4 – Maintaining operational readiness of production units, production of spare parts, trucks;
  5. Management of six sectors: Internal Trade; Division of Foreign Trade; Marketing sector; The financial sector; Development Sector and Legal and General Affairs.

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