Mammoth “KIKA”

Within the company there is a very important paleontological discovery: the skeleton of a mammoth (Mammuthus trogonetherii) over 70,000 years old, which already represents a unique attraction, as evidenced by the numerous organized visits. He was found 4.12.1996. , in the clay pit “TOZE MARKOVIĆ” during the regular exploitation of clay, at a depth of 20m. High is 4m long is 7m, 3m wide. “Kika” in the meantime, become the law of attraction, and it was found that it was a female, about 64 years old. This discovery is unique in the Balkans and southeastern Europe, since for the first time in one place, found the remains of a mammoth.

The “Mammoth of Kikinda” was created as a result of successful cooperation of social and cultural institutions from across Serbia aimed to protect the fossil remains of a mammoth discovered in Kikinda, 1996. The project brought together over ninety experts from different fields – paleontology, archeology, management, information technology, cultural tourism, economy and marketing that during the twelve months working on its implementation. “Kikinda mammoth” has become a comprehensive cultural tourism product and the backbone of the development of cultural tourism in the region.

The remains of a mammoth species Mammuthus trogontherii were discovered in the plant factory “Toza Marković” .Activities began non-contact 3D laser scanning remains of mammoths, whose previous appearance in archaeological methods authentically reconstructed and konzervisan.Na this way were obtained by computer models of bones that served as a base for create animation for film and illustration for CD.

Thus, the “revived” giant pre-historic animal that lived on European soil 500,000 years ago. Original skeletal remains of Kikinda mammoth, named Kika popular, are exhibited in the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Kikinda, where he saved over 90% of bone mass and forth in a dedicated room adapted within the museum. Following content makes the skeletal replica of a mammoth in actual size, which is set in the courtyard of the museum.

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