The company “TOZA Markovic” doo Kikinda is the largest and oldest manufacturer of construction materials of baked clay in Serbia; also the largest brick company in Southeast Europe. The company was founded by Michael Bohn in 1866, the founder of brick and creparstva in this region, which is why Kikinda and is famous as the capital of tile and ceramic, or the center of the brick industry in Serbia.

The company “TOZA Markovic” existed and operated successfully in several countries and national systems, sharing time and Vojvodina town of Kikinda, being composed of Hungary; Austria-Hungary; Kingdom of Serbia; Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes; Kingdom of Yugoslavia; German Banat; Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The company’s name changed over time:

“Brothers Bohn” to 1944 years;

Brick and tile industry “Toza Markovic” to 1959 years;

The industry of building materials “Toza Markovic” to 1993;

The industry of building materials “Toza Markovic” to 1993;

Joint Stock Company “Toza Markovic” from July 1998,

The ownership transformation (privatization), released in 2006 under the current law.

Toza Markovic” doo from August 2016 to today.

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