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“Toza Marković” from Kikinda is the oldest and largest brick company in Serbia, founded back in 1866. Great experience, permanent supreme quality, clear vision and development strategy, have led “Toza Marković” to the very top of brick industry in the region. Our company is a synonym for success, and its name is one of the most famous brand names in Serbia.

The company’s range is divided into two main groups: fine ceramics (floor tiles, wall tiles and decorative ceramics) and crude ceramics (roof tiles, brick blocks and utility ceramics). The main single product of “Toza Marković” is the roof tile, first of all due to the centuries-long experience in manufacturing this essential protective part of any house.

The most important element of our production program is the quality of the finished product. This quality is the result of experience, highly educated and trained staff, top quality raw materials – famous clay from Kikinda, state of the art technology and equipment, use of ecological materials and environmental awareness.

In order to survive and triumph in both local and international markets, it is necessary to ensure quantity, besides quality. The industrial complex “Toza Marković” extends on the area of 214 hectares, and the production capacities are impressive::

  • 100 million pieces of floor tiles
  • 2 millions square meters of wall tiles
  • 1 million square meters of floor tiles
  • 13,500 tons of ceramic frits and glazes

Besides investing into company’s development, “Toza Marković” also invests in its city – Kikinda. The participation in numerous social programs and humanitarian activities, and sponsoring of various sports, cultural and scientific events are yet another important aspect of our company.

Having this great experience and top quality production, as well as continuous development and company motto: “Going further!” we are not worried about future successes.

I And that’s what it’s been like for us for the past 3 centuries…

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