Environmental Policy

“Toza Markovic” doo – Kikinda, as a company that develops its product range with the generous help of nature, has a special obligation and honor to be a leader in the field of environmental protection.

Privacy “Toze Markovic” doo. that designs, manufactures and distributes its products and services, handling materials and disposed of them without creating an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of people and their environment.

To this end, the company will be committed to the following principles:

Create and maintain programs for ensuring compliance with existing laws and inform all employees about the existence of and respect for these laws;

Create and implement their own rules where there are no regulations or where they do not provide sufficient protection;

Carry out their activities in a way that will contribute to the continuous improvement of environmental protection;

When developing new products to take account of the possible impacts on the environment;

Conserve resources and energy, minimize the use of harmful substances and quantity of harmful waste;

In accordance with their capabilities to support the efforts of the local community to improve the protection of the environment;

Educate all employees and users of its services, as well as to contribute to spreading awareness of environmental protection.

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