Quality policy

The basic orientation and continuous striving Toze Markovic d.o.o. Kikinda is achieving greater effectiveness and efficiency of operations and to fully meet the demands of customers assortment and superb quality of its products. For the realization of their basic orientation Toze Markovic d.o.o. Kikinda, has set itself the following tasks:

Customer orientation;

monitoring of their demands,

expanding the range of products,

continuous improvement in quality,

reducing the number of complaints.

Maximum commitment to leadership development and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system;

The openness to all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, society and the public) to improve quality;

Quality planning,

Setting quality goals and monitoring their implementation (increased participation Toze Markovic doo Kikinda in the market, develop new technologies and products, cost reduction, reduction of waste, continuous improvement);

Regular review of the quality management system, collecting, recording and analyzing of the importance of improvement and advancement;

Security management of resources; as infrastructure and human resources, with particular attention paid to education, training, competence and knowledge of its employees; as well as providing human and physical factors of the workforce.

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