Social responsibility

Awareness of social responsibility in the company “Toza Markovic” there for decades, and not one of the new trends, but serious support important elements of society. “Toza Markovic” is not only an industrial giant, but also an important link in the social, cultural, sports and humanitarian life of the community.

The company “Toza Markovic” has always been aware of their role in society, not only as a collective that promotes the advancement of their own development town of Kikinda and local authorities, but as a company that provides active support of society as a whole.

Affirming the full extent of corporate social responsibility, the company has done a lot and makes the field of charity, humanitarian activities, sponsorships and assistance projects of the general good in the sphere of culture, science, education, health, environment, sports and religious communities, both in the local and wider community. Here are some: host and sponsor of the International Symposium of Sculpture Terra; YU sponsorship of the Olympic team “Barcelona 92”, “Atalanta 96 ‘handball team at World and European Championships, Water Polo team in major competitions, Memorial” Miroslav Antic “Dragon Children’s Games, Literary prize” Dušan Vasiljev “, construction of facilities for refugees …


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